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Servo Oil Lubricants Filling Machine
Edible Oil Filling Machine
  • The German technology based volumetric oil filling machine is designed with an accuracy of +/- 0.1% to fill the oil in pet bottles / square jars / tin from 100ml to 5000ml. Oil filling machine for edible oil and lube oil industries is widely used to fill various types of liquids in different volume. Only minimum adjustment required for setting different capacity from 100ml to 5000ml with varying containers. The high tech servo volumetric oil filling machine is capable of filling 48-54 BPM of 1000ml and 12 to 14 BPM of 5000ml. Machine is having its own pumping system to connect the machine with the tank. The volume to be filling is measured by the servo flow measuring devices with a filling accuracy of +/- 0.05%.

  • Available Model 6 Head, 8Head, 12Head, 16 Head (as per customer requirements)
    Body Stainless Steel
    Filling Accuracy +/- 0.1%
    Speed 48-54 BPM of 1000ml and 8 to 10 BPM of 10,000ml
    Capacity 100 ml to 10,000 ml
Sigma 2 Induction Sealing Machine
Sigma 2 Induction Sealing Machine
  • SIGMA - II has been developed especially with a view to meet the exacting needs of the packaging industry. The system's reliability is a direct result of Electronics Devices' expertise in inverter and sealing coil design. The combination allows manufacturers to seal containers efficiently at desired line speeds.

  • Input230±10% V AC, 10 Amps, Single Phase
    Max. Line Speed50 feet/minute
    Cap size20-120mm
    Net Wt./Packed Wt.150 Kg/270 Kg
    Dimensions (WxLxH)650mm x 650mm x 1650mm
Sigma 3 Induction Sealing Machine
Sigma 3 Induction Sealing Machine
  • The machine is designed with high efficiency with low power consumption; it will seal the containers with the same speed with lower power consumption which will save on the power costs.

  • Easy & simple to use. All controls are installed on sealing head, which is easy to access for the operator.

    Warning lights for all main functions on the display.

    Unique air-cooled design, no water changes and no pump break downs.

    Slim design saves space.

    High efficiency with low power consumption.

    Same speed with lower power consumption which will save on the power costs.

    Modular component design, dependable & reliable SMD technology.

    With a warning alarm. Loud audible signal to alert the user problems.

    High speed & effective. Though the opening that is stained liquor, oil stains or powder, the bottle can be seal edactively.

Automatic Rotory Capping Machine
Automatic Rotory Capping Machine
  • High speed & high precision weighing is the uniqueness of multi head weigh filler. IPM Series is well for its pouch finish & sealing intactness which prevents leakage of inert gas from pouches and gives extended product shelf life.

  • Filling Capacity (Range) 20 gm - 1 kg
    Output Speed 50 to 100 pouches/min (Depends on material characteristics, fill weight and pouch size)
    Control CPU motion Controlled
    Operation Servo driven
    Packaging Material Laminated Film
Automatic Single Head Capping Machine
Automatic Single Head Capping Machine
  • The Bottles coming out of the Filling Machine is taken in to the input conveyor of the Capping Machine.

    The Bottles will be taken into the turret of the capping machine.

    The caps dumped into the vibratory will come out of the chute after orientation.

    At the first station the caps will be placed in the Bottles with a pick and push mechanism. This mechanism will ensure the placement of the cap (properly aligned) on the Bottles without any damage to the cap locks.

    At the next station the caps will be capped by special capping tool. The capping torque can be set on the tool.

    After capping the capped Bottles will be released on the output conveyor.

  • Cap Screw type
    Main Motor Motor 1 H.P
    Conveyor drive From the main motor
    Output 15-20 Bottles/Min.
    Motor Drives a/c Variable speed drive
    Required air 6Kg
    Power supply 110V or 220V AC, 50-60Hz
Drum Filling Machine
Drum Filling Machine
  • 6 digits fluorescent displays.

    6 membranes pushbuttons.

    A/D Conversion rate: 200/second.

    Set point update rate can reach to 50time/sec.

    Maximal driving eight load cell (350ÄŖ©).

    Watching dog circuitry located inside ensure the reliable performance of the indicator.

    RS -232/RS-422 Serial communication connector.

    Automatic zero tracing.

    Motion sensitivity detection function.

    Indicator is 5VDC; the max output of the electric current is 120mA. It can run 8 load cells (350 ohms). The load cell connector is 7 pin COMBICON type jack, connected by 7 core load cell.

  • Specifications:
    Filling range5-250 kg max.
    No of filling heads1
    Digits fluorescent displays6
    Technical Details:
    PLCSchneider / Siemens / PROFACE USA / or Branded PLC.
    HMISchneider / Siemens / PROFACE USA / or Branded PLC.
Ex proof Palletized Drum Filling Machine
phoenix Semi Automatic Ex proof Palletized Drum Filling Machine
  • The IPM-Ex, which is the Ex Proof box model of IPM series is ex-proof (x d II A/B T6) and is suitable for the environments where flammable chemicals, gases or petroleum products present, with its structure protected against the impacts.

    IPM-Ex can be used as an indicator for electronic weighing instruments as well as it can be used individually in various automatic weighing applications, tank weighing, loading, discharging systems in the business with its rich industrial input and output options or several solutions can be created by communicating with other electronic devices such the PLC, computer etc.

  • Semi Automatic

    Ex Proof aluminium cast box

    6 digit red LED weight indicator

    Magnetic isolated keypad outside the box

    Tare, zeroing, function and setting keys.

    Zeroing within the entire measuring range

    Gain setting suitable for the load cell output

    Ability to show input and output voltage of the load cell

    Non-volatile memory resistant to blackouts.

    Industrial standard adjustable Modbus protocol

    Special nozzle design for diving (Bottom filling)

    Anti foaming nozzle.

Semi Automatic Capping Machine
semi automatic capping machine
  • The Machine is suitable for tightening of pre threaded plastic caps with the set torque. A self releasing clutch mechanism shall be provided to tighten the caps to pre set torque. The caps shall be placed manually on the container mouth. The container to be located under the capping head by the operator reference locators provided. The head comes down pneumatically on the actuation of the sensor. After tightening cap to the set torque the head will move up.

  • Specifications:
    Power Supply415 Volts, 50 hz A.C. 3 Phase
    Pressure6 kg Compressed Air
Pallet Overwrapping Machine
Pallet Overwrapping Machine
  • Brake disc stretch

    Home position: The Turntable always stops at the same position.

    Both one touch automatic programs and manual run available.

    Top/bottom wrapping number selected

    Height seeking by photo sensor

    Wrapping tension/turntable speed/ carriage speed are adjustable

    Slow start and stop

    Re-set button to make the machine neutral from any operation.

    Reinforcing wrapping in the middle of package by manual.

    TURN TABLE DIA 1500mm ĆĀ˜
    FILM ROLL WIDTH 500 mm(20ā€¯)
    FILM ROLL OUTER DIA 250 mm (10ā€¯) ĆĀ˜
    FILM ROLL INNER DIA 76 MM (3ā€¯) ĆĀ˜
    POWER SUPPLY P100,110,220,230,240 & 1Phase
    TURNTABLE MOTOR Ä€½ HP, 220 V AC, 3 Phase
    CARRIAGE MOTOR Ä€½ HP, 220V AC, 3 Phase
Automatic linear capping machine
linear capping machine
  • Machine works on the basic principle of to seal the filled bottle. This model consists of Linear Screw Capping Device. The filled bottles have to be loaded on the conveyor and conveyor transfers the bottle from one end to other end. During the transportation of the bottle, there is one device fitted on the body which picks up the bottle and convey the bottle with gripping with the help of pressing device. When the bottle enters into pressing device, there are six sealing rollers mounted on the sealing head and sealing head is mounted on the machine which is adjustable in height and width. The sealing rollers are provided with separate A.C frequency drive so that we can adjust speed of the sealing roller. The basic machine will be designed as per our discussions. The bottles have to feed manually on conveyor and caps are also to be place manually on the bottles. The machine will tighen the caps on the bottles.

  • Output 30 - 60 Bottles/Min
    Container Thickness 30mm to 70mm
    Container Width Up to 150mm
    Dimension (LxWxH) 2000mm x 900mm x 1800mm
    Weight 700 kgs
    Power requirement 1.5 H.P 230 Volt, 50 Hz, 3 Phase
    Speed Control By A.C Frequency
    Drive Container Height 100-250 mm
Shrink Chamber
Shrink Chamber
  • Integrated sealing and shrinking in one step.

    Transparent hood makes the sealing and shrinking visible.

    Adopts glass fibre cutler's isolator and nickel alloy cutter in order to result in perfect sealing line, to avoid the film sticking the cutter.

    Special roller with pin to make small holes on the film.

    Might not make over hot around environment after long time operation.

    The height of the package supporting mesh inside the chamber can be adjusted for different sizes of products.

    It assembled castors with brake on the bottom of supporting base, to move and fix the machine freely

  • Model PH-5540 PH-5540A
    Machine dimension (LxWxH) 1380x690x1065mm 1360x670x1080mm
    Max Packing size (LxWxH) 450x300x200 550x400x300
    Max sealing size (LxWxH) 550Ć—400 550Ć—400
    Packing speed(pcs/h) 500-800pcs/h 500-800pcs/h
    Power 4 Kw 5 Kw
    Power supply 1Ä»†110V/220V 50/60Hz 1Ä»†110V/220V 50/60Hz
    Applicable film POF/PVC POF/PVC
double side servo labeling machine
double side servo labeling machine
  • High Production Speeds.

    Mild steel structure cladded with SS304 sheet to meet GMP norms.

    Accurate label placement.

    Product data storage facility.

    No change parts requirements.

    Very less down time for change over.

  • Label Size 0mm to 85mm
    Output upto 60 bottles/min.
    Label length 240mm max.
    Label space 3mm between labels
    Machine power 220V/AC/50Hz Single phase
    Machine Panel MMI base unit
    Machine Dimensions (L) 2500mm x (W) 1800mm
    Air Pressure Min 6 bar pressure 2 CFM
duo-roto labeling machine
duo-roto labeling machine
  • DUO ROTO labeling machine is a universal machine for two sided labeling of flat and elliptic packages (front/back) as well as round ones (wraparound). It works with paper, foil, transparent, metal coated labels.

  • Labeling Head 2x58
    Max. label width 160 mm (240 mm optional)
    Label length 450 mm max.
    Reel external diameter ĆĀ˜ 40-76 / 300 mm
Grease Filling Machine ( Single Head )
Grease Filling Machine
  • We are leading manufacturer & supplier of wide range of Grease Filling Machine (SingleHead). These machines can be availed from us in different grades and dimensions as per the requirement of the clients to meet their requirement in a better way. In this Cylinder to verify the presence of slot in the bell assembly. Fixture to inspect the correct size of the balls in the bell assembly.

  • Material Industrial Grease
    Material Flow By Rotating Augor
    Flow Control Digital Programmable Timer
    Fill Setting With Key Pad Switches
    Range 500 gm to 1kg., in Tins / Pails
    Flow Control Digital Programmable Timer
    Fill Setting With Key Pad Switchs
    Fill Accuracy Ä€±1.5% at S.O.P.& S.O.C.
    Filling Rate 400 gms. / sec. OR Better
    Auger Control By E/M Clutch Break Unit
    Drive Transfer Using ā€Ā˜Vā€™ Belt
    Auger Drive Motor 1 H.P. , 3 Phase, 415 VA.C.
    Power Supply 415 VA.C. , 3 Phase 4 Wire
Sealing and Shrinking Machine
Sealing and Shrinking Machine Model : IPM400
  • Thanks for your choosing IPM400 2 in 1 sealing and shrinking machine which is researched and developed and manufactured by our company. This machine adopts and combines both characters of sealing machine and shrink machine. At the same time, it makes big improvement on the basis of the old one. The outstanding characteristics of this machine lies in improvement of each performance of this machine, meanwhile, reducing its overall dimension. The function of sealing and shrinking are achieved on one machine, which shorten the packaging time and work efficient increased. This machine can run for a long time and improve the capacity of the sealing and shrinking. The operation is very simple and also the sealing and shrinking can be run separately. It is importance foundation for this machine that we always adopt refined parts, precision assembly technology and strict quality supervision. Hence, it is spoken highly by customers and meet the demand of the big production.

  • voltageAC220-240V/50-60Hz
    Sealing time0-3sec
    Shrinking time0-30sec
    Thickness of the film0.015-0.08mm
    Fan power/rotate speed180W/2800r
    Max. packing size550×400×300mm
    Machine sizeL1450(mm)xW700(mm)xH1100(mm)
    Machine weight150kg
Pneumatic Lsealer Shrink Tunnel
Pneumatic Lsealer Shrink Tunnel
  • Rugged, long life design.

    Unique film cradle for quick, easy film adjustment and changeover.

    Height adjustment ensures that the sealing line is in the center of product.

    Hot knife sealer system (Teflon coated).

    Automatic conveyor belt transports the product into tunnel.

    High efficiency heat tunnel is thermostatically controlled up to 400 degrees.

    Hot air cycling tunnel with velocity control.

    Automatic cool down function.

    Heavy-duty base with tool parts drawer.

    Machine dimension1400x700x10001300x700x1465
    Max. sealing size750x550-
    Net weight110Kg260Kg
    Power1.2 Kw9 Kw
    Power supply1Ph 110V/220V 50/60Hz3Ph 220V/380V 50/60Hz
    Air pressure6-8 kg/cm2-
    Applicable filmPOFPOF
Automatic Lsealer Shrink Tunnel
Automatic Lsealer Shrink Tunnel
  • This automatic L-Bar sealer shrinking machine uses a belt transfer system together with a synchronized film advance to transfer product from the in feed belt into the L-bar sealer is a production sealing machine capable of speeds upto 25 packages per minute depending on package size and configuration of product.

  • Hot knife sealing system with center sealing.

    Multi pin perforator wheel for air evacuation.

    Teflon coated sealing blade.

    Film rack-cradle roller style or film cores and shafts.

    Film rack side adjustable for perfect alignment of film rack and inverting head.

    Power film unwind.

    Film inverter for inline product feed with PID function

    Safety shut down switches.

    Able to pack single or multiple packages.

    Horizontal and vertical photocell for package detection.

    Seal head height-max 130mm.

    Machine dimension1685x828x14801300x700x1465
    Max. packaging size L+H500700x350x200
    Max. packaging size W+H430-
    Max. sealing size550x450-
    Packing speed / Conveyor speed15-25pcs/min0-15m/min
    Net weight225Kg260Kg
    Power2.5 Kw9 Kw
    Power supply1Ph 110V/220V 50/60Hz3Ph 220V/380V 50/60Hz
    Air pressure6-8 kg/cm2-
    Applicable filmPOFPOF
Inkjet Date Printer
Inkjet Date Printer
  • The High Resolution printer is a completely new Innovation in both function and appearance.The operation is extremely easy and the user can install all kinds of character font freely. The printer can read USB information directly, no need connect with PC. The new function of flash printing make sure the printhead will not block within 10 minutes when there is no substract go through. It can print dynamic barcode, dynamic 2-D barcode, Random code and etc.

  • P.C. Linkable.

    Construction is made up of Stainless Steel.

    Instant Startup and Shutdown.

    Prints on porous & non-porous surfaces.

    Graphic 128 X 64 backlight liquid with crystal display and integrated keyboard.

    Dimensions 20 X 30 X 36 Cm

    Operates on 0 ā€“ 45 degrees C, 10 ā€“90% relative humidity non-condensing.

    External connection product detection via 12 vdc NPN sensor with 9 ways D ā€“ Type connection.

    Software consists of Real time clock and Calendar, Expiry date, Prints logo.

    9 Levels of Bowdlerization width adjustment character, message reverse and or invert print.

    Continuous print or print on detection with connection to PC for downloading data.

    Stores up to 45 messages and 120 characters per line.

    Pre mix inks packed with disposal cartridges.

    Oil or alcohol based inks for variety of applications.

    No pumps or a mechanical part hence low of running cost is low.

    Reliable Print heads capable of printing from 1 mm height up to 17mm height.

Video Jet Date Barcode Printer
Video Jet Date Barcode Printer
  • Designed for low duty applications, the Videojet is the perfect product to fulfil applications that involve printing codes 8 to 10 hours per day / 5 days a week. The printer is engineered to keep your line up and running longer. It is designed for customers with simple coding needs and is ideal for the food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical and personal care/cosmetics industries.

  • Printheads1
    InksDye Based
    Maximum Lines of Print5
    Maximum Line Speed162 m/min (533 ft/min)
    Environmental ProtectionIP55
    Core Life (Maintenance Interval)Up to 9,000 hours
    Umbilical Length2 m (6.5 ft) optional 3 m (9.8 ft)
    Message Storage Capability100
    Smart CartridgeIncluded
    Plug & Play Printhead ModulesIncluded
    CommunicationsOptional RS-232 Serial
    Positive AirOptional
    Expanded I/O Ports & ControlOptional
    Display (User Interface)LCD with membrane keyboard
Automatic Carton Sealer Mini
Automatic Carton Sealer
  • This machine is designed to seal the carton by applying adhesive tape. It is cost effective,high speed and easy changeovers. Conveyor belt tension and tape tension are adjustable to meet the needs of soft / hard cartons. This machine can be integrated into production line or as stand alone machine. These machines are top n bottom belt drive, pneumatic controls for upper tape head, used in circumstances where carton size is changed frequently. The Automatic adjustments can be obtained for width and height of the carton.

  • Tape Master
    Tape Width1 1/2, 2
    Belt Speed23 Meters/Minute
    Capacity(L)120mm - oo , (W) 180mm - 500mm, (H)120mm - 700mm
    Power Supply100/110/220/230/240V. , 50Hz/60Hz., 1-Phase
    Power Consumption450W
Automatic Strapping Machine
Automatic Strapping Machine
  • With firm commitment to quality, we are trading and supplying a comprehensive range of Fully Automatic Strapping Machine. Our range of machine is procured from most trusted and reliable vendors of the market. Optimum-grade material and advanced technology are employed in the manufacturing process following industry standards & norms. Moreover, to cater to the varied requirements of clients, we offer our range in different sizes, designs, configurations and specifications.

  • Power supply and power380/50Hz, 1000 W/5A
    Bailing Speed2.5 second /path
    Strapping force0-60 kg
    Requirement for Bailing StrapWidth 13mm, Thickness 0.83mm
    Strapping mode Parallel strapping, modesPot move, continual beating, call switch, foot switch
    Frame Size (WxH)800mm x 600mm (it's possible to customize according to your requirements).
    Equivalent to inside width 934mm x inside height 600mm
    Height of work bench750mm
    Packing measurement (LxWxH)1540mm x 800mm x 1440mm (1,4m3)
    Gross weight240kg
Semi Automatic Strapping Machine
Semi Automatic Strapping Machine
  • Semi Automatic Strapping Machine are suitable for books, cartons, soft and hard packages as well as all kinds of items in cylindrical, square or annulations. We manufacture these machines in various models. The machines with high table are apt for general objects and the ones with middle height table are suitable for heavy or light packages. These machines are highly used in foreign trade, printing, post, medicines, light industry and others.

  • Sealing MethodHeat Sealed
    Strapping Speed1.5 sec/strap
    Strap Width9-15mm
    Power Supply220V 50/60 hz, 1 phase
    Machine tension5-60 kgs
    Machine Weight92 kg
    Dimension89cm x 56.5cm x 73cm (LxWxH)
Can Seaming Machine
Can Seaming Machine
  • We are listed at the apex for manufacturing and exporting Can Seamer Machine. Finding a vast application in food beverages industries, it is highly acclaimed in the market. Easy to use and to maintain, the entire range of can seamer machines offered by us is highly acclaimed among our customers. The offered machine is further widely known for its anti-corrosion properties.

  • ModelGS-250 Round Cans 50ml - 5kg / GS-220 Rectangular cans 1/4L - 5L
    Capacity30 to 40 cans per minute
    Motor1.5 HP
    Output15,000 (Seams 8 Hrs.)
    Net Weight650 kgs.
    Shipment Case Dimension80" x 43" x 30"
8 Head Piston Filler
8 Head Piston Filler
  • Filling operations works on the piston & cylinder & N.R.Vconcepts.

    Filling unit consists of 8 piston cylinder assembly & non-returnvalvesforthis. Common drive is taken.

    When bottles or jars comes under filling station as topper mechanism holds the bottles till the filling takes place and release after filling finishes.

    At a time 8 bottles will filled and comes out from exit conveyor.

    From exit conveyor bottles will be transfer red to the input conveyor of capping machine.

    Capacity up to 1 liter.

  • Output60 to 80 bottles/min
    Power supply440 volts / 50 HZ (3 phase)
    Body diameter25 to 88mm
    Neck diameter20 nun ID
    Material of construction of all contact partsSS-304
2 Head Piston Filler
2 Head Piston Filler
  • The PISTON FILLER is a highly versatile, operator simplistic, and robust filling machine. This volumetric piston filler draws liquids and other low viscosity products such as oils or juices directly from a tank or drum, eliminating the need for a hopper. This model can also be used as a metering pump to dispense a controlled volume. Disassembly and cleaning in a matter of minutes and typically no tools are required. This system is very accurate and repeatable.

  • Models Standard Tabletop
    Filling Capacity (Range) 20 gm - 1 kg 20 gm - 1 kg
    Output Speed 50 to 100 pouches/min (Depends on material characteristics, fill weight and pouch size) 50 to 100 pouches/min (Depends on material characteristics, fill weight and pouch size)
    Control CPU motion Controlled CPU motion Controlled
    Operation Servo driven Servo driven
    Packaging Material Laminated Film Laminated Film
    Dimension - -
Automatic Carton Sealer & Strapping Machine
Automatic Carton Sealer & Strapping Machine
  • Equipped with side double belts can transport both heavy and light cartons and keeps sealing on the center of cartons.

    Suitable for various carton sizes for adhesive tape sealing, with compact design can be used in many different working spaces.

    Optional extensive working tables can integrate various packaging equipment working on a packing line.

    Modular designed Aluminium alloy arch, easy to assemble and disassemble.

    Auto strap positioning and retry feeding functions enable operating of humanity. Convenient operating modes with panel, ball switch and foot pedal switch.

    Internal electricity is 24V accessing, prevent operators from shocking. with CKD frame and powder painting on frame.

  • Semi Automatic Carton Sealer
    Power Supply1 Phase 110V/220V/240V
    Packing SizeMax.: L∞ x W500 x H500 mm Min.: L150 x W135 x H110 mm
    Tape Width50 mm (2”) or 76 mm (3”)
    Working Table Height570~770 mm (Adjustable)
    Sealing Capacity20 Cartons per minute (Carton: L500 mm, Power: 60 HZ)
    DimensionsL1023 x W900 x H1375 mm (without optional extensive working table)
    Net Weight140 Kg
    Semi Automatic Strapping Machine
    Sealing MethodHeat Sealed
    Strapping Speed1.5 sec/strap
    Strap Width6-15mm
    Power Supply220V 50/60 hz, 1 phase
    Machine tension5-60 kgs
    Machine Weight92 kg
    Dimension89cm x 56.5cm x 73cm (LxWxH)
Semi Automatic Tabletop Round Bottle Labeling
Semi Automatic Tabletop Round Bottle Labeling sharjah UAE
  • labelling assembly for application of self-adhesive body label (or body + back labels from 1 only reel)

    Labelling assembly equipped with stepping motor for high precision in label application

    Label release with electronic card

    Easy adjusting of spacing between front + back labels by combined mechanic-electronic system

    Easy adjusting for bottles with different diameters, without need of change parts

    Base-frame in stainless steel, with aluminum parts covered with anti-rust painting

  • ModelTabletop type labeller for self-adhesive labels
    Output800 bph
    ApplicationsFront body + back labels self-adhesive type from one reel
    BottlesCylindrical glass bottles and jars - Max. Ø 115mm
    Maximum label reel sizeØ 200mm
    Maximum label height145mm
    Standard Voltage220-240/50HZ/24Volts
Semi Automatic Tabletop Wet Glue Labeling Machine
Semi Automatic Tabletop Wet Glue Labeling Machine sharjah UAE
  • Adopt original labeling technology to ensure the stability of labeling and positioning accuracy. No air bubble, no wrinkle, and raise the additional value of products.

    The frame and shell adopt stainless steel and high class aluminium alloy anodic treatment, the useful time is long.

    Adopt famous factory step motor to ensure high load and long period operation.

    With PLC, clutch and electric eye control, ensure the labeling accuracy, the operation is simple and convenient, the function is stable.

    Open frame, adjust the label paper of different sizes and change parts are all convenient.

    Disconnect - type design for the glue-plate, frictioning knife and glue-wheel, so the cleaning is very easy.

    The efficiency is about three to four times than manual operation, reducing labor cost, and management cost.

    With the functions of auto correction and automatic detection when no label.

    With the functions of fault alarm and production counting.

  • Label width40-200mm
    Label length80-380mm
    Products DiameterØ30mm to Ø120mm
    Max Labeling speed25 - 35pcs /min
    Accuracy of labeling±1mm
    Power220V/110V 50/60Hz 80W
    Machine Dimension630mm x 430mm x 330 mm
Pick & Place Capping Machine
Pick & Place Capping Machine sharjah UAE
  • Capping round caps with a thread.

    1 or 2 capping heads (gripper or shape head)

    Any type of package

    Precision of capping – controlled by servo-drives

    Capping may be performed with a back-turn.

    Precise capping torque may be set from the HMI panel.

    Verification of the capping process

    Rejection track for incorrectly capped packages

    Optionally may be equipped with a sorter of your choice (vibration, mechanical, waterfall ones)

    Very fast and simple changeover.

    Speed: 20 to 35 Bpm.

  • Label width40-200mm
    Label length80-380mm
    Products DiameterØ30mm to Ø120mm
    Max Labeling speed25 - 35pcs /min
    Accuracy of labeling±1mm
    Power220V/110V 50/60Hz 80W
    Machine Dimension630mm x 430mm x 330 mm
Pneumatic Hand Operated Capping Machine
Pneumatic Hand Operated Capping Machine sharjah UAE
  • Hand-held pneumatic capping machine widely applicable to any thread of open or tighten screw cap, it has a wide range of screw cap from bottle height, shape, size, weight and unscrew cover can twist the cap, easy operation, low fault rate, low prices, and other features, is the best tighten screw cap...etc. Especially suitable for large bottle, and heavier or bottle shapes, or lid specification more bizarre twist, often change of covering.

  • Capping Scope (mm)10-50mm
    Capping Speed30 bottles/min
    Air6 Bar pressure
    Operator required1